Standard Automotive Tool Kit

Standard Automotive Tool Kit

Tinting Application Solution Packet (Concentrated)

Tinting Application Solution Packet (Concentrated)

Standard Residential Tool Kit

This is an installation kit for all G-Cling Window Films.

Includes all tools necessary for an easy and simple install.


Spray Bottle, Concentrated Solution, Squeegee and Knife, Fabric, Cutting Stick

The tint on solution has a PH of 7 +/- 0.5 because of this the solution wont damage the film or burn your hands when the instructions are followed. The squeegee is a high quality soft but stiff rubber the fabric is a soft material that will make installation simpler

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7 Piece Installation Kit

Kit Includes:

1x Spray Bottle
1x Soft Tape Measurer
1x Concentrated Solution
1x Towel
1x Rubber Squeegee
1x Cutting Knife
1x Cutting Stick

Kit Details

1. Concentrated Solution

This solution has a Ph of 7 +/- 0.5 which will not damage the film or burn your hands.

2. Spray Bottle

Spray bottle for easily spraying "tint-on" solution onto the window and film.

3. Cutting Stick & Knife

Sharp cutting knife for precisely cutting the window film. Cutting stick used as a guide to ensure straight edges.

4. Rubber Squeegee

This squeegee is a high quality soft but stiff rubber perfect for applying firm pressure to remove bubbles without damaging the film

Install in 3 Easy StepsĀ 

Step 1. Spray After cleaning the window, spray it and spray the film on both sides.

Step 2. Apply. Place either side of the film, as straight as possible, to the window.

Step 3. Squeegee Start to squeegee the solution from under the film. Apply firm pressure to ensure no bubbles or solution is left under the film. The installation is done.