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G-Cling Reusable Window Tint

Our residential tint is made with a patented manufacturing process that ensures clarity and makes it easy to install.

Simply select the width that most closely matches your need within our 3-inch system and we will cut the film to the length you need.

G-Cling Reusable Window Tint

According to Healthline and a number of other sources sunlight has many excellent benefits.
Reducing your risk of depression.
Natural light helps you sleep well

So, enjoy the sunlight and remove the burn.

Easy Installation

Because G-Cling Window Film is Static Cling Window Film it’s easy to install. With our patented manufacturing procedure we were able to increase the visible light of Static Cling Window Film in our product and make it suitable for residential installation. No need to let a contractor enter your house or spend high amount on the installation cost.

No Film Damaged

Any mistake with traditional window tint will have unfixed bubbles or stains if not installed properly, and the glue remains after peeling it from the window. It can be easily damaged with problems on the window tint. As G-Cling Window Film is static cling film, there’s no worry about any of the problems above. You can install and reinstall or peel off anytime you want.

Prevent Fading Furniture

The UV rays contained in sunlight are one of the major causes of fading on your furniture and floor and artwork. G-Cling 73% can block up to 99.9% of UV rays. Easily protect furniture, and precious possessions from fading and keep those pieces looking like new.

Enjoy Natural Sunlight

Have a sun filled living room without worrying about the annoyance of heat, high AC bills, and harmful UV rays. Our film reduces UV rays entering your house by 99.9% so you can enjoy your morning coffee with the sunrise safe in the comfort of knowing your family and possessions are safe.

Reduce energy cost of your house

Did you know Around 50% of seasonal heat inside your house enters through the window? Our film can reduce theheat that enters through your windows by 85%. Which means using our film can reduce the seasonal heat entering your house by 42% Imagine what that will do to your AC bill.