G-Cling 70 Rear Side 2 Windows

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Sample order

G-Cling 70 - Front + Rear Side 4 Windows

High-Performance Static Cling Window Film 4 Side Windows
Installation kits included

73% of Visible Light Transmission (27% Light Blocked) 
85% of IR (Infrared) Blocked
99.9% of UV (Ultraviolet) Blocked

Size: 17 x 20 Inches & 39 x 20 inches
Color: Pale Blue
3 Year Warranty

Availability: In stock

If you are always feeling the sun burning on your skin when driving, here’s what you’ll need.

G-Cling 70 is the only high transparency static cling window film on the market without a reflective surface; the film allows maximum visible light to be transferred into your car while blocking 85% of infrared and 99.9% of UV rays. Fit most of the state law for the front side window of vehicles. Give you and your family a more comfortable and pleasant drive.


  • Lightweight: Our manufacturing process makes our flexible window tint thinner and lighter meaning it doesn’t fall off as easy reducing headaches and problems with installing for you.
  • Reusable & Removable Window Tint: Static Cling Window Tint is easy to fix, remove, store and reuse. This is a non-adhesive reusable window tint that's easy for the DIYer to install. Because it can be removed reinstalled should anything go wrong when installing it’s also suitable for the first-time installer!
  • Glare Reduction: G-Cling window film can effectively reduce the sun glare and light reflection while driving.
  • Insulating: During Summer, it can block 85% of infrared heat from entering your home and in winter, this window film prevents radiant heat from escaping your home. This window film also blocks 99.9% of UV rays which will protect you and your family when driving


What is G-Cling Window Film

G-Cling window film is a Greenfilm's static cling window film series. Static cling window film adhesive on the glass by atmospheric pressure. Which means it's a no glue window film, and no sticky mess or bubbles after installing. It's the most suitable product for the first-time window film installer. 


There's already one set of installation kits included in the packaging.
Kit includes a spray bottle, Tint on solution, Squeegee, Knife, Fabric, and Gasket Push Stick.

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