G-Cling 70 - 48 x 212 inches

G-Cling 70 - 48 x 212 inches

G-Cling 5 - 48 x 212 inches

G-Cling 5 - 48 x 212 inches

G-Cling 70 - 48 x 120 inches

High-Performance Static Cling Window Film

73% of Visible Light Transmission (27% Light Blocked)
85% of Infrared Blocked
99.9% of Ultraviolet Blocked

Size: 48 x 120 Inch
Color: Slightly Pale Blue
3 Year Warranty

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G-Cling 70 - 48 x 120 inches
Standard Residential Tool Kit

G-Cling 70 is the only high transparency static cling window film in the market, the film allows maximum visible light transferred into the house while blocking 85% of infrared and 99.9% of UV rays. If you are looking for a product to block heat outside or prevent heat going out from your house while keeping the nice view of your window, this is what you will need. 


  • Lightweight: our patented manufacturing process means our flexible window tint will stay adhered to the window better.
  • Reusable & Removable Window Film: Static Cling Film is easy to fix, remove, store and reuse. This is a non-adhesive reusable home window tint that's easy to DIY install. Can be removed and reused based on your needs which is also suitable for the first-time installer!
  • Insulating: During Summer, it can block 73% of infrared heat. And in winter, this window film will also prevent radiant heat from escaping as well. This window film also has 99.9% of UV rejected which could protect you and your family and furniture from UV rays.
  • High Clarity and Stable: Unlike other ordinary product, our producing process made it high clarity film and reduce the thickness. Which means it won’t fall off due to the product weight.
  • High Transparency Energy Saving Film: 73% high visible light can have the light comes into the room. Allow you to enjoy natural sunlight without sacrificing the view of your window. Save light electricity cost during the daytime. Keeps your home cool or warm without sacrificing the view.


What is G-Cling Window Film

G-Cling window film is a Greenfilm's static cling window film series. Static cling window film adhesive on the glass by atmospheric pressure. Which means it's a no glue window film, and no sticky mess or bubbles after installing. It's the most suitable product for the first-time window film installer.
Just follow the instructions with the purchasable installation kit and you can install window film easily by yourself.

It’s recommended to purchase an install kit, it is required for proper installation.
Do not use it on non tempered Low-E glass.

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