G-Cling 20 - 48 x 120 Inches

G-Cling 20 - 48 x 120 Inches

G-CLING 50 - 39 X 120 INCHES

G-CLING 50 - 39 X 120 INCHES

G-Cling 20 - 48 x 212 Inches

Privacy Static Cling Window Film

23% of Visible Light Transmission (77% Of light Blocked)
55% of IR (Infrared) Blocked
96% of UV (Ultraviolet) Blocked

Color: Light Black
3 Year Warranty.

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G-Cling 20 - 48 x 212 Inches
Standard Residential Tool Kit
Tinting Application Solution Packet (Concentrated)

3 Simple Installation Steps

Step 1. Spray After cleaning the window, spray it and spray the film on both sides.

Step 2. Apply. Place either side of the film, as straight as possible, to the window.

Step 3. Squeegee Start to squeegee the solution from under the film. Apply firm pressure to ensure no bubbles or solution is left under the film. The installation is done.

What is G-Cling Window Film?

G-Cling window film is Greenfilm's static cling window tint film series. Static cling window film adheres to glass by atmospheric pressure and static electrical energy. What this means is that there’s no glue, no sticky mess or bubbles after installation. It could also save you a tint removing fee since it can be peeled off easily without leaving any glue on the window.

It’s recommended you purchase an installation tool kit, as it is required for proper installation.
Do not use on non-tempered Low-E glass.
See how to tell your window have Low-E glass.

Greenfilm's Window Tint V.S. Traditional Glued Tint Film  

1. No Installation/ Removal Cost

With our films, there is no need to pay a high tint installation fee or for a stranger to come into your home. They can be easily installed or remove by yourself which saves you time and money. Traditional tint films need to be installed professionally. This means paying hundreds on install/ removal fees and having a stranger come into your home while you have to take time off from work just so this can be done.

2.  No Bubbles

Our G-cling window tint films do not have glue, therefore no bubbles will occur even years after installation. With traditional window tint films, there are a few reasons for bubbles, low-quality adhesive, improper installation, and the low quality of the installation solution. 

3. Error-Free Installation

Our installation process is error-free. Unlike traditional films, our g-cling tint films can be easily peeled off after applying to remove dirt and debris or to easily re-adjust. This also makes it easy for the first-time installer. With traditional films, if any dirt is left under the film after installation, it is extremely difficult to remove due to the adhesive tint glue.

4. Removable & Reusable

No more tint removing fee! Since our films don't contain glue, it can be easily removed and re-installed or rolled and stored away until you are ready to install again or moving into a new place. Traditional films can be difficult and pricy to remove when moving homes. It will either take hours or cost you hundreds to hire someone.

Choose the right VLT (visible light transmittance).



G-Cling 70: High-Performance Energy Saving Window Tint Film

G-Cling 70 is a high-performance static cling window tint film designed for high visible light. It is designed to block heat and UV while still maintaining the view from your window. 
This film allows 73% of visible light transmitted into the room and blocks 85% of heat and 99.9% of UV rays. For those that want to maintain the view for your home but can't stand the heat, or if you want to keep the UV rays away from your furniture or family, our g-Cling 70 energy-saving film will be your best option!

G-Cling 20, 10, 5: Privacy & Glare Reduce Static Cling Window Tint Film

G-Cling 20, G-Cling 10 and G-Cling 5 are our static cling window tint films designed for privacy and sun glare purposes.
The film blocks a good amount of visible light from the outside. It keeps the inside private and also reduces the light glare if you have direct light coming through the window. For those of us that would like some privacy when we get home, or to simply sleep in without the light waking us up before we are ready, without completely blocking the view, this is the solution!      

7 Piece Installation Tool Kit:

*Tool Kit must be purchased separately. 


Tool Kit Includes:
1x Spray Bottle
1x Soft Tape Measurer
1x Concentrated Solution
1x Towel
1x Rubber Squeegee
1x Cutting Knife
1x Cutting Stick.