This is going to be more of a list of hints and tips than a guide.
To start off we would like to say thank you for reading

  1. Buy from a tint manufacturer with good instructions. Every manufacturer, although following mostly the same instructions will have small changes and subtle differences in how they are manufactured that can affect how something would be installed.
  2. With static cling tint you should use plenty of the solution they give you, buy extra if needed. One of the benefits of our static cling tint is that you can try and try again should anything go wrong.
  3. If needed, get help, a good window tint manufacturer will give you instructions that one person can execute and install but some don’t, so if yours doesn’t, GET HELP.
  4. Use the stick to the window method, the stickiness of static cling window tint without solution  is a double edged sword, in that it is not  -just- a problem, it can help you too, if you stick a spot of the window tint to the window without solution it will stay in place for a time, thus allowing you to work on another section at the same time without having it fall down and cause further issues.
  5. Use enough solution, not just a lot, enough, that means learning when more would be too much.



We hope these helpful hints can help make your next installation frustration free.