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G-Cling Reusable Window Tint

Greenfilm is the Best Automotive Window Tinting Company in USA. Installing Window Tint is no longer an arduous task for beginners. Select a year make and model and we will provide reusable Window Tint that is cut into your vehicle's exact window shape.

G-Cling Reusable Window Tint

Our G-Cling Window Tint is a highly transparent film that is easy to install and blocks UV light while allowing almost all of the light (73%) through. One of the problems with tinting cars is that the windows are -curved- and with glue on film you only get one shot.
We fixed this.

Block Heat & Stay Cool

Blocking up to 85% Infrared rays make for a comfortable drive.

Reduce Glare

Reduce light reflection and see clearly while driving.

Add Privacy

Only 10-20% of light is transferred into your car.

Block Ultraviolet Rays

Protects you and your family from harmful UV rays.

G-Cling Window Tint

Different visibility levels and colors available.

Custom Pre-cut Size

If you want an even better experience, custom pre-cut window tint makes it even easier for the entry-level installer. Our cutting system and warehouse based in Dallas, Texas can provide you with a set of G-Cling window tint specifically cut for the exact make and model of your vehicle.