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Please note: The pattern above may include both paint protection ( In black) and different versions of the same vehicle, you will ONLY receive the film that matches your car.

Order instructions


Choose your year make and model, select "All side & Rear windows" if you need the same film for the whole car. If not, select from any combination of the other options and add your selection to the cart.

The window tint laws may be different from States, please review the tint law for your state before purchasing. Tint Laws by States


Each order will include installation toolkits and an instructional manual. You can also Click Here to view or download them.


Please note that some patterns have variations that need to be specified in order for us to print the film that matches your exact vehicle.
These variations are separate from the trim you have selected.
If you don't specify one, the base model will be cut.

Automobile Custom Pre-cut

Enter Car Details:

Please select Year, Make, Model, and Trim for the custom Pre-cut item.



Please select the required film for each window.


Please add extra toolkits to your order if desired